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Hair Removal
Epil Smart & Stick Hair

                 (For more sensitive areas)

                           100% Comfort

                         Depilitation is easy

               Removing the hair is less painful


      The resin does not contain rosin substances

That cause skin reactions and respiratory Allergies

                          OPTIMAL EFFECT

                       All hair removed at root.

                   No broken or in growing hairs.

              Lasts 1 to 2 weeks between depilation.

Full  Leg Wax (Inc bikini line)                   Full leg wax

Half leg wax

Half leg wax (Inc bikini Line)

Three quarter leg wax

Three quarter leg wax (Inc bikini Line)

Under arm wax

Lip or chin wax

Lip and chin wax

Forearm wax

Bikini line













Epil Smart












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